The Google map below has some of the route we traveled in the most incredible 7 day tour, (last week of June '08), of the Alaska Interior covering an extinct Copper mine turned State Park at the end of a 60 mile unpaved road, and several large and expansive National Parks.

End of August, '08. I am in Montana after two months of travel in the Canadian Rockies. You can follow my route with the links on the Google Map below.

End of September, '08. Portland, OR, and just about to head south stopping in Ashland, OR to see cousin Harold and his family.

End of October 08. Back in Oakland for a while. Some good restaurants and the occasional photograph.

End of October '09. I rented a studio apartment in Oakland have enjoyed the city as a newcomer would. I have been doing web design and other geek stuff, walking, enjoying the incredible weather of the bay area. Spent a month in August and September of '09 traveling in the camper van up to Oregon and Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula and plan a week in southern CA at Anza Borrego State Park for Thanksgiving. No pictures, but some links to good places and restaurants.

End of December 2010. My travel this year has been restricted to a weekend in the Sierra Mountains in August. Been reading a lot of Science Fiction, and books on China and Japan, and doing web design.

There are a lot of exciting new developments in HTML 5 and CSS3. Exploring these has kept me busy, and I took a terrific Typography class at Laney Junior College, here in Oakland, CA. It was part of the most excellent Graphic Arts department there. I hope to develop a typography oriented website soon.

End of August 2011. My travel this year has been restricted to a few glorious days at Pinnicles National Monument, a 4 day trip to Monterey adn Carmel, and a weekend in Portland. I have been working on a couple of large web design projects, one of which has been launched just this last week of August. is a completely redesigned website with tons of new features and scripts. Movies, Polls, a password protected area for members only. This site will continue to be updated with recent news and schedules. I hope to launch a second big project later in the fall.

End of October 2012. 2012 has been a great year. Some large web projects, and a renewed interest in WordPress, a Cloud Content Managemet Application that serves a whopping 14% of Websites on the World Wide Web! As for travel, I spent some time on the east coast of the USA, and a few glorious campervan trips to the by beloved mountains, The Sierras.

In September, a new experience. I went on a tour with 15 people to Eastern Europe. We visited Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic. I enjoyed 5 days in Budapest before meeting up with the group, had tea with 5 members of Women Welcome Women Worldwide. We met in the 100 year old international film house where there is a beautiful old coffe house for discussing the film after viewing it.


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